Module 3: Outreach Recon

Learn outreach strategies that will allow you to connect with the top influencers and authorities in your niche.

Outreach Do's and Don'ts

When approaching influencers there are a number of things you can do and more importantly NOT do to increase your chances of connecting.

Real-Time Outreach Monitoring

Learn a system for monitoring and organizing each of the different authorities you are looking to connect with in your niche.

Outreach Methods

There are a number of different ways you can contact an influencer.  We will brake down exactly what mediums you should use and how you should use them.

Live Event / Networking Tips

We'll show you the most effective methods for connect with influencers at live events and how to make sure your impression sticks.

Social CRM

We'll show you a more advanced way to start managing your influencer connections and relationships using Social CRM software.