Module 2: Content Recon

Discover the most effective ways to create content that is created as a influencer marketing method.

Creating "Ego" Posts

Learn how to create content that strokes the ego of influencers, making them take notice of you and help spread the word about your content for you.

Creating "Roundup" Posts

Learn how to leverage other people's content to create authority blog posts that will go viral!

Interview Angle

Explore the ways to get authorities to agree to do interviews with you, so you can "attach" your name with them, while building your own credibility.

Webinar Angle

This video will discuss how you can conduct webinars as a presenter or the host with influencers to help generate credibility, new subscribers and sales!

Email Sponsorship

Learn how to leverage the power of other influencers email lists to promote your personal and business brand, products/services and programs.

Guest Posting / Blog Commenting

See how long term guest posting and commenting and turn into lucrative JV partnerships and business relationships.

Review Method

See how review an influencers product or program can lead to big payoffs long term!